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Business Plan

Creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt

Here are a few actual examples of client outcomes achieved:

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Challenge: Accelerate launch for each new portfolio company 

Outcome: Formed a business accelerator that leverages extensive assets of corporate investors to create a growth-accelerating distribution strategy for each  portfolio company as part of the launch process. 

Client: Corporate Venture Fund

Challenges: (1) Access funding sources and (2) improve sales process


Outcome: Opened top-tier funding sources to CEO of innovative healthcare advisory services firm in 3 weeks; worked through management team to develop and implement effective sales enablement processes.

Client: Healthcare Advisory Services 


Challenge: Transform public company from cybersecurity/AI services to SaaS products 

Outcome: Public company repositioned as a products company; advised CEO in process of developing SaaS products and refocusing as a software-as-a-service company.

Client: Public Cybersecurity/AI Company


Challenge: Establish NA Subsidiary from scratch

Outcome: Firmly-established North American subsidiary in Southern California for a European software company.

Client: European eCommerce SaaS Suite Provider


Challenge: Align the interests of two independent, self-reliant CEOs pre-merger 

Outcome: Merger completed after resolving and aligning extralegal issues to create mutually agreed terms in advance of merger contracting.

Clients: Small Multi-Million-Dollar SMBs

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Challenge: Strengthen go-to-market strategy for cyber startup with innovative technologuy

Outcome: Coached management team to alter focus from innovative technology to solving critical business problems.

Client: Network Cybersecurity Startup

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