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“Innovation, creativity and an ability to solve real life problems remain the most prized skills in today’s economy”
― Nicky Verd in Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted
  • Clear record of success in solving strategic challenges

  • Published articles in Westlaw Journal, Directorship (National Association of Corporate Directors), TexasCEO, et al

  • Interviewed in Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

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Bob Barker, Founder
Partnering Source

My passion is helping business leaders and their teams craft innovative solutions to critical challenges. Applying intuition evolved by leading 4 innovative disciplines - strategic marketing, product management, acquisitions, technology/sales partnerships - we collaborate to generate and analyze alternatives to create an optimal solution, then build a plan to achieve it.


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(Testimonials below; examples under Outcomes; references available upon request.)


Jack Blount headshot.png
Jack Blount
Former President and CEO, Intrusion Inc.
Dallas, TX

"I have always found Bob's intuitive business acumen to be both strategic and well-articulated. He has formed dozens of mutually beneficial partnerships, including with F500 companies. His humility and thoughtfulness make him uniquely valuable to any company. His network is rich with accomplished professionals who share his values and his ethics."

Randy Meriwether.jpg
Randy Meriwether
Applied Acceleration
San Antonio, TX

"Bob is absolutely THE go to guy for creating effective and revenue driven partnerships. An expert at building and leveraging profitable relationships, he is able to avoid the sinkholes so many companies create when trying to do it on their own. Bob has an uncanny ability to take a CEO's vision and create strategies and tactics which accelerate that vision in truly unique ways... a valuable skill which I have seen in action."

Ed Trevis.jpg
Ed Trevis
CEO, Corvalent Corporation
Cedar Park, TX

"Bob Barker consulted on several projects where we needed clarity and proper visual communication in strategic business development, sales, and marketing. Bob has a special gift for translating and presenting our ideas, value proposition, direction, and vision in a way I haven't seen in my entire 30-year career. I strongly recommend Bob to any organization."

Alex Rosenzweig.jpg
Alex Rosenzweig
Former CEO, Dynamicweb USA
Santa Monica, CA

"Bob advised Dynamicweb when we formed the North American operation. He was instrumental in developing a brilliant partnership strategy and opening doors to customers with his extensive network of high tech contacts, both of which  contributed strongly to our growth. I can't imagine anyone better at helping new businesses gain traction."

Paul Czarnik.png
Paul Czarnik
Contract CXO
Detroit, MI

Bob is a brilliant strategist. We worked on many M&A projects and product releases. He always brought "here's what customers and the market requires" and I brought "here is what's technically possible". Together we collaborate to make sure that our products provided value to customers. Bob is a great communicator and his communication skills resonate well with both customers and colleagues. In addition, he is both an ethical businessman and moral human-being.

gary greenfield headshot 2.jpg
Gary Greenfield
Partner, Court Square Capital Partners
New York, NY

"Every once in a while you meet someone who you hope you know your entire career. Bob and I met and worked together early on, and I've always admired his focus on the customer, his strategic focus, and his thoughtfulness. As we have kept in contact I can easily say these traits have remained constant and have fueled his success."

Haroon Alvi.jpg
Haroon Alvi
CEO, Southlake Medical Supplies
Southlake, TX

"I first met Bob when he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at STARTech Early Ventures where we mentored startups together. Bob's natural coaching and leadership traits were fully evident, and I've since watched him help other companies through his leadership roles. I heartily recommend Bob to anyone who needs an expert in business and marketing strategies. He's a clear thinker who can identify the important issues in complex problems."

My calling is to help solve business challenges.  

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