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Mark Sochan

Silicon Valley

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Mark's passion is helping ambitious technology companies (enterprise firms and startups) master the art of identifying, pursuing, and closing multi-million-dollar revenue opportunities. He thrives on helping companies "think big" and figuring out how to throttle their revenues up to the next level. His extensive network built over 25+ years includes top clients and partner firms such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, Capgemini, and Accenture. 

Peter-Buchannan headshot.jpg

Peter Buchanan

D.C, Metro Area

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Serving as an executive-level consultant focusing on strategy, business development, and marketing, and serving in operating roles as a CEO, strategic planner, product manager, and sales manager, Peter has advised the CEOs and Boards of technology companies for the last 20 years on the best strategies for fundraising, managing growth, and achieving a high value exit.

Kate Vitasek headshot.png

Kate Vitasek


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Lauded by World Trade Magazine as one of the “Fabulous 50+1” most influential people impacting global commerce, author, educator and business consultant Kate Vitasek is an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested® model for building highly collaborative and strategic relationships. Kate is also on the faculty of the Haslam School of Business at the University of Tennessee.

Matt Kouri.png

Matt Kouri


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Matt is a social sector strategist and a trusted advisor to CEOs, boards, elected officials, and philanthropists looking to grow their impact. He has led 25 nonprofit mergers; grown an advisory firm three-fold in 10 years as CEO; advised governors, senators, and mayors on impact strategy; and helped dozens of mission-driven organizations navigate some of our most complex social issues.

Bob Barker
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BB Smiling Headshot.png

Bob has built many successful strategic partnerships, and he continues creating them today. He began in 1990 by creating partnerships that helped his employer achieve a billion dollars in revenue faster than any previous startup.


Since then, he's created partnerships and led acquisitions for many small and large companies. One partnership grew revenue by $65 million in the first year, another dramatically reduced time to market for new products that generated multiple millions of dollars in their first 18 months, and yet another led to a $200M+ acquisition.


Jack Blount headshot.png
Jack Blount
President and CEO, Intrusion Inc.
Dallas, TX

"I've known Bob for over 30 years and have always found his intuitive business acumen to be both strategic and well-articulated. I worked with him in the early 90s where he formed dozens of mutually beneficial partnerships, including with F500 companies. His humility and thoughtfulness make him uniquely valuable to any company. His network is rich with accomplished professionals who share his values and his ethics."

Ed Trevis.jpg
Ed Trevis
CEO, Corvalent Corporation
Cedar Park, TX

"Bob Barker consulted on several projects where we needed clarity and proper visual communication in strategic business development, sales, and marketing. Bob has a special gift for translating and presenting our ideas, value proposition, direction, and vision in a way I haven't seen in my entire 30-year career. I strongly recommend Bob to any organization."

Randy Meriwether.jpg
Randy Meriwether
Applied Acceleration
San Antonio, TX

"Having known and worked with Bob for many years, he is absolutely THE go to guy for creating effective and revenue driven partnerships. An expert at building and leveraging profitable relationships, he is able to avoid the sinkholes so many companies create when trying to develop partnerships on their own. Bob has an uncanny ability to take a CEO's vision and create strategies and tactics which accelerate that vision in truly unique ways... a valuable skill which I have seen in action."

Alex Rosenzweig.jpg
Alex Rosenzweig
Former CEO, Dynamicweb USA
Santa Monica, CA

"Bob advised Dynamicweb when we formed the North American operation several years ago. He was instrumental in developing a brilliant partnership strategy and opening doors to customers with his extensive network of high tech contacts, both of which  contributed strongly to our growth. I can't imagine anyone better at helping new businesses gain traction in Texas and the U.S."

gary greenfield headshot 2.jpg
Gary Greenfield
Partner, Court Square Capital Partners
New York, NY

"Every once in a while you meet someone who you hope you know your entire career. Bob and I met and worked together years ago, and I've always remembered his focus on the customer, his strategic focus, and his thoughtfulness. As we have kept in contact I can easily say these traits have remained constant and have fueled his success."

Haroon Alvi.jpg
Haroon Alvi
Former CEO, Southlake Medical Supplies
Southlake, TX

"I've known Bob for many years and first met him when he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at STARTech Early Ventures where we mentored startups together. Bob's natural coaching and leadership traits were fully evident, and I've since watched him help other companies through his leadership roles. I heartily recommend Bob to anyone who needs an expert in business and marketing strategies. He's a clear thinker who can identify the important issues in complex problems."


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