Every partnership is unique, but all successful partnerships share one thing in common: each partner accelerates growth by sharing resources critical to the other.


Your odds of success increase dramatically by using a proven methodology. Here are a few of the many types of partnerships that benefit from a proven process:

Example Partnerships

Tech Accessories

Customers/ Technology

A company with a large customer base partners with a smaller company that has a hot new product. The smaller company gains access to more customers, while the larger company adds an innovative product that benefits its base and adds a new revenue stream.

Planning Travels



A large company wants to enter a new geography, but it has no market presence or brand recognition there. By partnering with a local company in the region that has a well-known brand and broad distribution channels, it cuts years off time-to-market.

Meeting the Staff



Great customer care for a new product requires specialized expertise to install, train, and advise. Partnering with a services company that has a widely deployed staff with critical knowledge speeds up the product's time to market and increases revenue for both parties.

Use Our Proven Methodology:

"Self-Fueling Partnerships"

Self-Fueling Partnerships (SFP) is a four-phase methodology that guides you to successful outcome. Once learned, SFP becomes a repeatable, sustainable component of your company's DNA.


The four phases are  (1) Assess, (2) Approach, (3) Align, and (4) Accelerate.

Each phase is composed of several steps that lead you to the key outcomes needed to build a successful partnership.


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