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Member Code of Conduct

Our goal is to provide valuable resources about partnering to our Members. A key part of that value is the open conversations on the Partnering Forum between Members, including our Experts. Partnering Source Members and Experts should follow one simple rule - always do the right thing. Our common purpose is to help each other become more proficient in creating business partnerships, and we expect all Experts and Members to treat each other with the utmost respect, listen to other viewpoints, and offer our best responses based on our own knowledge and experience. 


We reserve the right to revoke membership for abusive behavior of any kind, including remarks that are lewd, threatening, or offensive in any way. All communications between members should be treated as private and are not to copied and shared elsewhere without written consent of those involved. Members who need to shield their remarks are free to communicate outside of Partnering Source. 


If you have a question or concern about this Code or you believe that someone may be violating it, please contact

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