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  • Bob Barker

Why Do CEOs Hire Corporate Strategic Advisors?

“Well-understood problems have well-understood solutions.

CEOs seldom wrestle with simple problems.”

Corporate advisors who help CEOs clarify and attack critical business challenges usually follow the common wisdom: identify the parameters around a specific problem, then focus, focus, focus. Most external advisors apply a single methodology to create a solution in a specific discipline that relies on sets of known principles and proven processes.

That’s an effective approach for many issues but CEOs often face more demanding and less well-defined challenges that require expertise in multiple areas.

Large companies may employ a full-time Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) who helps the CEO clarify the company’s strategy, collaborate on thorny decisions, formulate an innovative solution, and drive changes needed to implement it. Organizations facing critical challenges without a CSO often bring in a corporate strategic advisor temporarily, someone who has broad experience in areas requiring innovative thinking. For example, by applying strategic marketing, product management, M&A, and technology and sales partnerships, they help define and drive strategic initiatives.

Example complex problems where CSOs and corporate strategic advisors can help:

My passion is helping CEOs and other business leaders solve critical business problems.

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